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Culture Pulse™

What is Culture Pulse™?

MOONCHILD facilitates open sessions with industry leaders, consumers, thought-starters, marketers, social igniters, early adopters, social scientists and human-behaviour specialists.


What problem are they solving?

Marketers continue to miss the mark when it comes to cultural understanding of their target audiences, mainly due to two reasons:

There is an over-reliance on stereotype, trends and focus groups to drive communication. This approach whilst useful, will not necessarily enable brands to thrive!

The status quo calls for a new imagination – hence Culture Pulse™


What are these ?

These are multi-disciplinary, circles of imagination made up of cultural creatives and divergent thinkers, from accountants, to sociologists, geologists, anthropologists, scientists, bloggers, e.t.c. Through rigorous debate and thought-share, they unlock issues that resonate in popular culture then use emerging insights to solve for brands and humanity.


How will your brand benefit?

These sessions deliver what we have termed the CIA℗:



which transcends advertising and directs/reflects popular culture.


this will direct & enrich communication messages.


these sessions pin down this ‘moving target’ of diverse, complex, connected and culturally literate Black consumer group.

Of course, your brand will also avoid that social awkwardness of ‘missing the mark’ and being in B-School case studies under “what not to do”!

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