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Our solutions transcend advertising and impact culture. Some of our partners in this pursuit are:


freedthinkers blends the disciplines of research & strategy to deliver ‘what is’ and ‘what can be’ for enterprises, brands & places. We work with blue chips & new chips in the public & private sectors. We design processes to answer the big questions, organise the right teams for the job, find clarity in confusion & chart the paths to change.


We are a strategic branding and communications agency. Our passion is finding holistic solutions that create exponential value with measurable results. We have been delivering results for a number of blue chip companies across Africa for the past 14 years, and as the times we live in become more and more interesting we constantly strive to find ever more creative and interesting branding solutions.

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Zanenza is a 100% black woman – owned comprehensive communications consultancy, which exists to empower our clients, entrepreneurs and stakeholders for sustainable growth. We specialise in communication strategy development, event management & decor hire, enterprise development and fundraising.

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Think Is Here

We THINK about how we can use our creativity to find solutions and effect change.We THINK innovation, we THINK advertising,  we THINK social and economic change, we THINK branding, we THINK storytelling, we THINK design, we THINK about our people,  we THINK like our people, we THINK big, we THINK wide, we THINK out of the box and we THINK differently. So when you THINK about  finding new solutions to your problems, THINK us. Think THINK.

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