when you can, serve…

Sizakele Marutlulle, Chief Katalyst at MOONCHILD ( was invited to share her life’s journey with the lions and lionesses at the African Leadership Academy ( .   The experience was as... read more

the self and the role-play

“The roles that we construct are constructed because we feel that they will help us to survive and also, of course, because they fulfill something in our personalities; and one does not, therefore, cease playing a role simply because one has begun to understand... read more

the C-word could win you pitches

this article was like music to my ears in my professional circle i am known as the culture-queen  – because i preach the importance and relevance of culture in all things- client relations, brand building, consumer... read more

Ad Feature with Andy Rice Ep28

Sometimes all it takes is a Petrol Pump Oracle Andy gives a hero to a powerful chalkboard message displayed outside the BP service station in Hyde Park this week while Sheldon awards hero to Pepsi’s latest TVC featuring Marshawn Lynch and an unlikely voiceover.... read more

Ad Feature with Andy Rice Ep27

Za zeroes a #SaveWater print ad for Department of Water & Sanitation while Sheldon zeroes a TV ad for the latest Ikea catalogue in Italy. Luckily Andy saves the day with a hero for Gumtree’s latest TV ad! Watch the... read more

Ad Feature with Andy Rice Ep26

Andy, Jacob and Sizakele return with their Heroes & Zeros for the week. Za hands a hero to international shaving product Mook for their TV ad designed to counter the technological positioning of competing brands. Jacob is also full of praise – this time for... read more

the sweet, the suited and all sorts…

this week in AdLand..   Jacob, Andy and I returned with our heroes and zeroes for the week! I gave a zero to UCT Graduate School of Business for their latest print ad while Jacob awards hero to the “Straight Outta” meme doing the rounds. Andy awards his hero vote... read more

truth – the double edged sword

in a world that does its best to turn you into a sheep – a follower of the herd and a keeper of the peace – those who choose to self-author, who choose the path of most resistance, end up not just vilified but they burn from the inside a little each day..... read more

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