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I founded Marutlulle & Co – a strategy and ideas lab which focuses on solving clients’ most pressing challenges at the intersection of commerce, creativity and culture. This helps C-suite executives develop strategies to transform their organizations and thereby compete, win and prosper.

what I deliver to transform businesses and brands


Brand Strategy
Brand Purpose Formulation
Brand Positioning


Business Strategy
Business Architecture
Executive Coaching


Cultural Intelligence
Creative Problem Solving
Co. Creation

Enterprise Growth

Acceleration Strategy
Process Eco-system Design
Enterprise Advancement
Female-owned Enterprise Improvement

ultimately, I create positive influence through high-impact strategies and ideas

what our clients are saying

It was a great pleasure and an eye opener to be working with you. It is always important to have independent people assisting to look at our blind spots and your expert facilitation and guidance did exactly that.

– Gauteng Tourism Authority


Sizakele Marutlulle formed part of a panel of speakers at the Dimension Data annual Women’s Forum event on 1 August 2014. Za’s message about how women ‘normalise’ themselves at a huge discount in the workplace has had an impact like no other in the conversation about women in the workplace. Our feedback survey after the event listed her as the favourite speaker. Her challenge to our women to make abnormal the new amazing has become a key talking point and a symbol of change within the Dimension Data Women’s Forum network. We look forward to engaging with Za again in the future and recommend MOONCHILD as an agency that doesn’t only deliver as per a brief, but take you on a journey of true unique discovery.

– Taryn Smuts, Change and Communication Specialist, Dimension Data Middle East and Africa

Sizakele Marutlulle has been part of the Global Reputation Think Tank, together with Brand Pretorius and Reg Lascaris, advising the Executive Leadership Group of the University of Johannesburg. Four hugely successful sessions have been completed, one of which was expertly facilitated by Sizakele. The outcomes of each of these sessions were described as ground breaking, also with respect to the UJ brand. Sizakele’s particular strengths are numerous, but one that stands out is her ability to engage with internal stakeholders, and to be a natural mediator of opposing (even hostile) views. She is highly professional, punctual and her preparation for each brief is inspiring. What makes it easy to work with her is that she is a team player, and understands that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts. Her understanding and insights into brand strategy and brand leadership makes her an asset in the development of any strategic initiative aimed at enhancing global stature and excellence in Higher Education – not only in Africa, but globally. I highly recommend her.

– Nina de Klerk, Strategic Advisor: Global Stature and Excellence, University of Johannesburg

We worked with Moonchild on the pitch that defines “National Call-up” for a brand agency and the insights and guidance provided proved tremendously beneficial to the team. The involvement and ease of work within the scope made working with Sizakele even more worthwhile.

– Thabang Skwambane, MD FCB South Africa

What would you say is unique about me, my services or my way of doing business?

Your attitude. Your interpersonal manner. You’re a straight shooter but at the same time you are able to be gentle. That empathy is not something one finds in the big brash environment of brands.

In what way did I add value to the service for which I was engaged?

Charisma. Insight and experience. Delivered with a unique lightness of being! Your brand lends it’s credibility and sleekness to my project

In what ways did I make it easy for you to do business with me?

You are reliable. Dependable. Approachable. Open to new ideas. Open to opportunity.

Would you recommend me to others?

Oh YES! And have!

Should the opportunity arise, would you use my services again?

As often as possible – but also away from what I KNOW about you in order to explore your true breadth of what you have to offer. It excites me that you dabble in media and art, the lines are blurred – and SHOULD be!

– Radio 702

The Moonchild Strategy Masterclass was the first time I really got to grips with what my purpose is which is ultimately my business purpose, who my business is serving and how to go about aligning my marketing strategy and day to day business activities with that. It was great because one gets so caught up in what you do daily i.e. business processes and you forget the why which is linked to the purpose. It was an amazing experience to go through this in the early stages on my business because it means any future business activities will have the right foundation and will always tie up with our purpose as a business.

– BlkSapphire

I came expecting to get clarity in terms of my company as a brand and how to stand out. The session was so engaging, challenging and thought provoking. I left seeing my company differently and I suddenly had clarity on what makes me stand and to capitalize on that. I learnt how to describe my target market, which gives me direct contact with the kind of clients I should approach for funding. I now know how to pitch my business from a benefit point of view to entice funders and potential clients. I know what I need to work on as well. I left feeling more confident about my brand and where it’s going. Thank you so much Moonchild.

– Nzalo Careers

Moonchild facilitated a dynamic strategy workshop for Zanenza as part of our organisational development plan in 2015. The session was not only enlightening but, it also provided a solid foundation for our processes and strategic approach going forward. With their vast industry knowledge coupled with years of industry experience, Moonchild provided us with necessary tools for impactful strategies that will enhance our clients’ performance and promote continued growth for the agency.

We have worked successfully with Moonchild over the years and will continue to collaborate on future projects. Their energy, innovative thinking and professionalism is unparalleled and we would highly recommend them for any progressive organization!

Thank you so much Moonchild.

– Zanenza Communications

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